Astro Spirit Guide

We drew inspiration from historical inscriptions when creating the brand. 
By incorporating astrology into the history of Anatolia, we hoped to modernize it.
Luwian Hieroglyphics

Among the inscriptions found in the Hatay Archeology Museum is the Luwian hieroglyph, 
a writing system unique to Anatolia that was born from symbols and pictograms that were widely used in the second millennium BC. It is thought that the Luwian hieroglyph 
was used in Anatolia for about 700 years.

Luwian pictograms and symbols resemble astrological symbols. For instance, there are many similarities between the astrological representation of the sun and the two circles used to represent the interlaced syllable (sa4) in the Luwian script. The emblem's particular message is conveyed by the pairing of the sun sign and the bird pictogram. We receive messages 
from the sun in the sky through birds.​​​​​​​
We Created Harmony

According to astrology, those born in the latter half of the 1980s will meld the ancient and the new cultures. This generation, which acts as a bridge, facilitates contact between the young, tech-savvy individuals and the elderly who are struggling to keep up. Astro Spirit Guide's founder, astrologer Tuba Gök, was born in 1987. The design's fusion of vintage and contemporary lines as well as the change from pastel tones to contemporary digital hues serve to illustrate this viewpoint. There is a search of harmony between these two opposing ends.

By combining astrology and historical knowledge of the astrologer's motherland, 
we modernized the website.

Astro Spirit Guide Website
Creative Director 
Tuba Gök​​​​​​​
Motion Graphics Designer
M. Raşid Bal
La Brand Creative


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